Majolika-Fabrik Rheinbach - Marei

Form 1300

Form 1303

Form 1820

Form 4100

Form 9101-1

Sofern jemand weitergehende Angaben machen kann (Dekornamen, Entwerfer, Produktionzeitraum ect.) bin ich für jede Mitteilung dankbar.


  1. I have five or six pieces of this last pictured glaze I will post them on my blog next week next week -I have a planter in this glaze also that is in a green colour. I find a lot of Roth here in Sweden. I have found what i am almost sure is an Elsterwerda serving dish, I will post after next week end (-I have left it at the summer-house, Please take a look when you have time ...thankyou.)

  2. Hello Amazing Glaze,
    this blue-cloudy decor seem very common for Roth. I personly know at least up to 25 different forms with it.
    I have a look on your blog regulary ;-)
    You are welcome

  3. The blue-cloudy pieces have moved to here http://lavaguys-ceramic.blogspot.de/2010/11/roth_09.html