Weitere M-Nummern

Form unbekannt
M 54

Form 1462-9
M 177

Form 1412
M 135

Form 1339
M 128

Vase Form 972
M 75

Form 1387-10
M 158

Sofern jemand weitergehende Angaben machen kann (Dekornamen, Entwerfer, Produktionzeitraum ect.) bin ich für jede Mitteilung dankbar.


  1. Hi Lavaguys- I have a 1462/12-marked "import"
    only but looks to be the same form - different glaze.... I will post it sometime this week and maybe you could offer an opinion?

  2. Hello Amazing Glaze,

    could really be Elsterwerda. I know pieces which are only marked with Jmport (written with the letter "J" instead of "I". They are probably pre WWII or shortly after WWII to hide that they were made in Germany.